About Us

After pheasant hunting for a few years without a dog, and after lots of research we decided that a German Shorthaired Pointer  would fit well in our home.
During the first hunting season, Fritz was just a young pup so we worked on obedience training during the first winter. When he was entered in his first obedience match, a friend thought I should stay and put him in the conformation match as he was a nice looking pup. I am not sure Fritz agreed, but after that match we went on to many shows and trials.

That was 1988 and Fritz went on to become a Show Champion with a Companion Dog title as well. As many GSP folks know one GSP is not always enough and soon Hedda joined us.

Since Fritz and Hedda we have had more than 50 pups go on to achieve their show title. Several have also achieved titles in obedience, agility and field tests. Many are happy companions in homes where they are considered Snuggle Champions.

When we plan our litters, we carefully consider the health and temperament of both sire and dam. Maintaining the versatile nature of the breed has always been our goal.

Our dogs live with us in our home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They are great companions and are happy to join us in our travels across Canada and the U.S.A.

Diane Nowlan & Terry Hoge